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Tracy Crosby is Mississippi's first and only Certified Medical Reiki Master, having completed training with Rayen Keyes, founder of Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International. Tracy is the owner of Reiki Mississippi, Mississippi's first and only Reiki business to be certified by the Mississippi Nursing Foundation to award CE training to nurses. In addition, her completion of the "Reiki in Medicine" training intensive with Pamela Miles in NYC uniquely qualifies her to address Reiki practice with medical providers, administrators and integrative health care professionals. Since 2008 she has worked with clients and students including doctors, nurses, psychologists, pro athletes, and business professionals from all walks of life.

She specializes in personalized Reiki care for every client.

CLASSES: With over 33 years as a college educator and public speaker, Tracy is uniquely qualified to offer professional training and education. Courses include Level 1, 2, ART and Master, presented in comfortable and unique settings that create lasting memories and lifetime friendships.

Her classes focus on personal attention and plenty of practice time. Course content was developed with over a decade of research and study into all aspects of Reiki, and included textbooks and professional materials in conjunction with the International Center for Reiki Training.

OTHER:Tracy also is a professional musician, sound healer and Shamanic practitioner, completing a traditional 7 year apprenticeship in ceremonial healing with indigenous elders in Mississippi, with additional training in Celtic, Hawaiian, and Peruvian methods. She specializes in classes and sessions in shamanic journey, soul retrieval and other unique techniques.

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