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Resilience: Healing Energy by Sue Aumer LLC
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Though Reiki is my core practice, I also identify as an energy worker to acknowledge influences from other domains such as shamanism, Qigong and intuitive healing that inspire my work and enrich the healing experience for my clients.

I offer in-person and distance sessions for people as well as distance sessions for companion animals.

To enhance the healing effects of in-person Reiki / healing energy:

+ Sessions may include sound healing with chakra, Om or crystal singing bowls; biofield or Solfeggio tuning forks; a nightwave ocean drum; Koshi chimes; or, shamanic drumming or rattling depending on each client's energetic needs and preferences.

+ All sessions are offered on a full body far-infrared revitalizing heat mat that also emits beneficial negative ions.

+ Tao pillow therapies (hot stone, far-infrared and negative ion) targeting neck and shoulders are offered during every session.

+ PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy to energize and support the natural repair mechanisms of tissues and organs is available to those for whom it is appropriate.

+ Weighted lap pads are available to support relaxation and reduce anxiety.‚Äč

If you have questions about, or would like to discuss, your particular healing needs, please message me:

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