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Energy Healing on CNN Int'l

Realizing Reiki Source Light
Reiki Session Aura Imaging

Rev. Barbara Matsuura, RMT, of the Integrated Healing Arts Centre of Japan (Tokyo, Japan and Burlingame & San Francisco, CA) has created an excellent video article Realizing Reiki Source Light, While in Human Form. It is a beautifully done piece which illustrates the energy process during a Reiki session.Please click here to read and view Realizing Reiki Source Light, While in Human Form - Reiki Aura Imaging Video Article.

Reiki and Pets
Reiki benefits pets also! Watch this video article by Shiri Joshua, RMT of British Columbia, Canada  where a cat joyfully receives Reiki ...and another cat shows up and asks for Reiki too!
Please click here to see Pet Reiki in action   Many Reiki practitioners offer services for pets. Please click here to find a Reiki Pet Practitioner in your area. Or to find a Reiki Master Teacher to learn Reiki for use on yourself and family (including pets). 

Reiki Zen
Relax! Stress getting you down? Watch this video to experience beautiful zen scenery and music to relax and soothe away cares. Please click here for a few minutes of zen bliss
Then - to continue further with your stress management click here to find a practitioner in your area so that you may experience a Reiki session for further stress reduction, wellness and to increase your general bliss levels and keep your stress at bay.

Please Note: Reiki is meant to be used as a complement to traditional care or as a personal relaxation or stress reducing tool. It is not a substitute for qualified medical or traditional care.

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